Reflecting on data literacy with school teachers

Invited by the DETECT project where I take part as team for the Open University of Catalonia, I teamed up with Anastasia Gouseti from the University of Hall to develop a workshop for educators. The project stemmed from our initial reflection on the act to generate teachers’ significant opportunities to develop their professional skills toContinue reading “Reflecting on data literacy with school teachers”

Renewing assessment in Higher Education: exploring the contribution of data literacy

In conversation with Valentina Grion Introduction We started a conversation with Valentina Grion, expert in assessment and evaluation, through the Webinar Series. She has been working for several years in perspectives that support the students’ to be more active, starting from her work on Students’ Voice and her following studies on peer-assessment (with Anna Serbatti)Continue reading “Renewing assessment in Higher Education: exploring the contribution of data literacy”

Sustainable Metrics in Higher Education

From assessment of learning to assessment for learning within datafied systems Yes, mostly done, this year. The Webinar Series on Data Cultures in Higher Education is reaching its end, and this piece could not be missed: the needed talk about metrics, quantification and assessment in Higher Education. And for this complex endeavor I called myContinue reading “Sustainable Metrics in Higher Education”

Exploring data practices in Higher Education Institutions: A study

A tale of two universities… Read the synthesis of results We keep on exploring the idea of Data Cultures. We did it now through this survey which uncovered data practices in teaching. Our initial assumption is that the institutions adopt data practices (or get used to them) according not only to individual initiatives of researchContinue reading “Exploring data practices in Higher Education Institutions: A study”

Data literacy in HEIs: a concern for all stakeholders

Data Practices and Cultures: their impact on Educational Quality A new Webinar in the Series “Data Cultures in Higher Education” REGISTRATION OPEN! The question of educational quality in higher education has been a matter of concern for all of us in the last 50 years, particularly since we understood that when talking about quality, weContinue reading “Data literacy in HEIs: a concern for all stakeholders”

Analíticas de aprendizaje justas: diseño, participación y transdisciplina en la tecno-estructura

Sigue el Ciclo de Webinars “Culturas de Datos Justos en la Educación Superior”
Analíticas de aprendizaje justas: ¿Se trata de un oxymoron?

Fair learning analytics: design, participation and transdiscipline within the technostructure

Fair learning analytics: is it an oxymoron?
These days we have been bombarded with information on how to teach online: in other words, distance education, or better said, “emergency distance learning”.

Open Data as driver of critical data literacies in Higher Education: …Which Data? Which Openness? …Which Care?

My reflections over a virtual workshop at the OER20 Conference. Again reporting about an activity I led (with Javiera Atenas and Leo Havemann) at the  OER20 congress  in its virtual version due to the COVI19 crisis. In another post on this same conference I reflected about the problems me and the other presenter (Bonnie Stewart)Continue reading “Open Data as driver of critical data literacies in Higher Education: …Which Data? Which Openness? …Which Care?”

Why should we care about datafication? Critical data literacies in higher education

The adventure of a virtual workshop led by Bonnie Stewart (UniWindsor, Canada)  & Juliana Raffaghelli (Edul@b member, UOC) at the OER20 conference. On Wednesday 1 April 2020, we (Bonnie and Juliana) joined the OER20 congress session to deliver a brief workshop based on our joint research activity. It was a bet. The congress had goneContinue reading “Why should we care about datafication? Critical data literacies in higher education”

Un punto de partida…

Lanzamiento de un estudio para comprender las prácticas basadas en datos en varias instituciones. Nos preparamos a distribuir la encuesta en algunas universidades de Cataluña, en Italia, Suecia, Uruguay y Argentina. Dicha encuesta nos permitirá generar un punto de partida, para establecer necesidades de aprendizaje profesional y orientar el diseño de nuevas actividades en esteContinue reading “Un punto de partida…”