Sustainable Metrics in Higher Education

From assessment of learning to assessment for learning within datafied systems Yes, mostly done, this year. The Webinar Series on Data Cultures in Higher Education is reaching its end, and this piece could not be missed: the needed talk about metrics, quantification and assessment in Higher Education. And for this complex endeavor I called myContinue reading “Sustainable Metrics in Higher Education”

Data literacy in HEIs: a concern for all stakeholders

Data Practices and Cultures: their impact on Educational Quality A new Webinar in the Series “Data Cultures in Higher Education” REGISTRATION OPEN! The question of educational quality in higher education has been a matter of concern for all of us in the last 50 years, particularly since we understood that when talking about quality, weContinue reading “Data literacy in HEIs: a concern for all stakeholders”

Alfabetización en datos en las IES: una cuestión que implica a todos los grupos de interés

Prácticas y Culturas de Datos: su impacto en la Calidad Educativa Un nuevo seminario Web de la Serie “Culturas de Datos en la Educación Superior” INSCRIPCIONES ABIERTAS La cuestión de la calidad educativa en la educación superior nos ha desvelado en los últimos 50 años, desde que comprendiéramos que al hablar de calidad, no todosContinue reading “Alfabetización en datos en las IES: una cuestión que implica a todos los grupos de interés”