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A Taste of the Space…

…some of the hot topics that the resources, activities and networks in the Space aim to address.

Researchers in learning analytics and educational data mining have been successful in creating innovative models of data that optimize prediction. But…fewer have been put into use and demonstrated to enhance students learning.

Carolyn Penstein Rosé,
Carnegie Mellon.
Explanatory learner models: Why Machine Learning (alone) is not the answer. See the article >>>>

Despite its growing popularity as a much-needed “bottom-up” solution, data literacy is ill-defined or ambiguous at best.

The Data Pop Alliance
Beyond Data Literacy: Reinventing Community Engagement and Empowerment in the Age of Data. See the Report>>>>

The new actors undertaking datafication are invested with a certain form of data power .

Ben Williamson,
University of Edinburgh.
Datafication of education: a critical approach to emerging analytics technologies and practices. See the Chapter>>>>

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