Reflecting on data literacy with school teachers

Invited by the DETECT project where I take part as team for the Open University of Catalonia, I teamed up with Anastasia Gouseti from the University of Hall to develop a workshop for educators.

The project stemmed from our initial reflection on the act to generate teachers’ significant opportunities to develop their professional skills to work with emerging technologies and societal challenges around their usage. In fact, from an initial scenario where digital technologies and social media created innumerable opportunities for learning at all ages and levels, more recently, they posed relevant challenges. Problems of toxic usage of technologies increased and particularly became acute with the pandemics. Social media dependence, digital overexposure, cyberbullying, among others, encompassed the need of cultivating a critical disposition towards technologies. The DETECT project indeed aims to raise awareness among educators, and support them in developing critical literacies in relation to the use of digital technologies and social media to teach and to learn as professionals.

You can see here the literacies framework connected to a set of areas where a critical approach is needed. It developed during the initial phase of the project and it is particularly valuable because it was created over the basis of a) an initial review of the literature carried out through a careful process of reflection and selection/exclusion of categories by researchers from four countries (Italy, Finland, Spain and UK); and b) a discussion with teachers from the same countries to validate the categories to be included in the framework, and to liaise them with the concrete education practice.

Here you can access a Report explaining the Framework

…and the Teachers Validation

As you can see, data literacy was one of the dimensions. Therefore, I worked in the development of definitions relating Data Literacy, but most importantly, I engaged with other colleagues in elaborating resources for learning.

Here is an initial result: a full open educational resource that can be re-used in several contexts of professional development and reflection, supporting learning design for data literacy activities.

Enjoy 🙂

Resource: “Developing Critical Digital Literacies: Data Literacy”

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Research professor at University of Padua, Department of Philosophy, Sociology, Pedagogy and Applied Psychology. Former Ramon y Cajal researcher at the Faculty of Education and Psychology (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya). PhD in Education and Cognitive Science and Master in Adult Education (Ca' Foscari University of Venice) Degree in Psychology (University of Buenos Aires).

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