Did you read the ToS?

An activity to develop critical data literacies in Higher Education Juliana E. Raffaghelli, Marc Romero, Teresa Romeu Edul@b Research Group Introduction Last year, Edul@b implemented a learning activity to raise awareness on data tracking, privacy and ethics in Digital Competence. Our team had been reflecting on the relevance of cultivating critical digital literacies through our participation in theContinue reading “Did you read the ToS?”

Renewing assessment in Higher Education: exploring the contribution of data literacy

In conversation with Valentina Grion Introduction We started a conversation with Valentina Grion, expert in assessment and evaluation, through the Webinar Series. She has been working for several years in perspectives that support the students’ to be more active, starting from her work on Students’ Voice and her following studies on peer-assessment (with Anna Serbatti)Continue reading “Renewing assessment in Higher Education: exploring the contribution of data literacy”

Building Fair Data Cultures in Higher Education

Conceptual consolidation after fieldwork! While moving forward in my endeavour to build complex and critical perspectives of data in society, I launched the concept of Data Culture. In the last months, in conversation with several colleagues, I realised that I have been using the term throughout the Webinar Series and in some articles but thereContinue reading “Building Fair Data Cultures in Higher Education”

Un espacio para “educar con sentido”

Fui invitada, el 7 de Junio, a compartir mi trabajo de investigación y reflexiones respecto de la problemática de los datos en la sociedad y en la educación. Vamos a empezar por agradecer a Pablo Rivera Vargas, Raquel Mió Puigcercós y Ezequiel Passeron por la inteligencia de este formato, que permitió generar charlas con tantasContinue reading “Un espacio para “educar con sentido””